Yes! You Can Divide PST by Year Using Split PST Tool!

Not just one and not just two, but Split PST software provides multiple splitting options. You can leverage this ultra-beneficial solution that renders customized PST spitting process by allowing you to choose from the advanced splitting options. Once deployed, you will yourself find the usability and exceptional nature of this tool. One of these advanced splitting options is to “Divide PST by Year”.


This option to divide PST by year provides you the facility to split the selected PST file year wise. Let’s explain this with an example; suppose you have selected a PST file and then selected some particular year, for which you want to split the PST; then the software will split the PST file of that particular year which you have selected. This is a great way to split the Outlook PST file of some specific year. You don’t need to split all PSTs as you can choose to split only the required one.

How to Divide PST by Year? Following are some small and simple steps that you need to perform for splitting PST file according to chosen year with the help of Split PST software:

  • Run Split PST software on your machine
  • Now, select required Outlook PST file
  • Then, choose the required option to ‘Divide PST by Year’
  • Select an year for which you want to split PST
  • Finally, click the Split PST button
  • Software splits PST of the year selected by you

See Working Process With the Help of Screenshort

Divide PST

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