To verify and fix the corruptions of Outlook database i.e. to repair MS Outlook, Microsoft ® has provided free Inbox Repair tool named ScanPST.exe bundled with Outlook application. When anything unpleasant happens to Outlook data file (.pst) then, this utility is used to verify and repair PST file. Depending on the level of experience, the users who know about this utility make use of it, while the users, who don’t know about this utility don’t make use of it. At times of some kind of corruption or damage in PST, Microsoft ® Outlook itself prompt to use this Inbox Repair utility to repair MS Outlook database.

ScanPST.exe Utility Fails In Cases of Extreme Corruptions in PST File

If this ScanPST.exe successfully repairs Outlook database then, user can comfortably open his Outlook data file and carry out operations like Send and Receive, Composing, Drafting, etc but, if this ScanPST.exe fails to repair Outlook database then, user have to use Outlook PST Recovery third party tool to repair MS Outlook. In cases of extreme corruption or damage in Outlook PST file, this ScanPST.exe utility i.e. Inbox Repair tool fails to repair Microsoft ® Outlook data file.

Outlook Repair Tool Can Repair MS Outlook When Inbox Repair Tool Fails

  • With the help of this tool, the user can repair corrupted PST files of both (ANSI as well Unicode) formats.
  • “Outlook.pst cannot be accessed” error and “Outlook.pst is not a Personal Storage Table” PST error, both can get resolved with the help of this tool.
  • The tool comes with the ability to resolve every kind of corruption of PST file without affecting database stored in it.
  • Recovery of PST files of all sizes can be done with the help of this tool. Even if the PST is very large in size, the tool can successfully recover it.


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