Outlook Error 550 can be resolved comfortably with PST Recovery utility program.

Cause Behind Outlook Error 550

Error messages -

"Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients. ..................'Recipient _name' on [Date] [time] 550 sorry, that domain isn't in my list of allowed rcpthosts (#5.4.3)"

Outlook Error-550- Normally, this error number or code comes after the installation of new computer software or up-gradation of computer software, this error code generates due to incomplete installation or with insufficient configurations. If the situation is related to improper installation then, it can be settled by uninstalling the computer program totally and then, reinstalling it. But, if it fails then, the situation can be associated with errors related to authentication. In this situation, you have to make necessary changes in the authentications of SMTP and necessary changes in SMTP authentications can be made by following the under-mentioned steps:


  • Select Server from Tools>>Accounts>>Properties
  • Put Tick Mark on My Server Uses Authentication at the bottom of the page and click settings.
  • Set Account Name and Password on this page for further login usage.
  • Finish the Process by clicking next.
Above mentioned steps are efficacious to fix MS Outlook error 550. After these steps, you can close and re-open Outlook to do the needful. But, if the problem continues to exist then, you can use Outlook Recovery tool to fix this error. This tool will automatically fix this Outlook Error-550 with its Quick Information Repair Technology (QIRT) and you can also resolve other similar errors like Outlook error 551, Outlook error 554 with this tool. This tool supports all Outlook editions therefore, you can resolve Error code-550 and other errors of all Outlook editions with it.

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