Microsoft Outlook 2010 is really bulky and comprehensive software in comparison to older versions of Outlook as it has been concentrated with a number of add-ins and host a variety of new features to help expedite the emailing process and to make emailing a fun activity. Due to its comprehensive nature, there are increased chances of your PST getting corrupt more frequently than ever. So, to this end, you must need to bag a software utility tool as a backup to be used in emergency situations to prevent any email data loss. We recommend that you use Outlook Recovery Tool for recovering data from damaged/corrupt PST file and solve How to Fix Outlook 2010 query as this is easy to use, cost-effective, and very user friendly that even a non-technical user can easily recover data from the corrupt PST.


Learn How to Adjust Color Coding Emails From Specific Sender:

  • First, you need to select any mail of a specific sender to color code
  • Click specific tools and then organize, and scroll down pane
  • From the left pannel, you can choose a color from the pane, and provide the name of the sender will then be displayed in the screen
  • Select the option “from.” name field gets automatically adjusted when you open a message from someone else
  • You can select color from dropdown and “Apply”

It is the way, you can easily color code any email received from a specific sender.


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